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Do you struggle to get your kids to eat? What do kids always want to do? Have fun of course! Why not let the kids do the cooking and have fun at the same time with some fun kids recipes?

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Easy And Fun Kids Recipes

As the mother of three kids, I had to fight with my kids to eat everyday. They just were not interested in eating at all.

When the kids finally did want to eat, it was usually just a hotdog.


Then I came across an article in a parenting magazine.The magazine suggested that the kids help with the cooking. I thought that made sense, if they helped make it perhaps they would be more likely to eat it, especially if the recipes were fun for kids. Recipes that are easy for kids will help them get excited about the food they will eat.

So I started making some meals with my kids, all recipes that they would like...and, it worked. Any time that my kids help me cook they actually eat what they cook.

I welcome and encourage all recipe submissions geared toward children.  Please submit your kids cooking recipes today.

Remember to keep the recipes fun (and easy). Many times it is not what you cook, it's how much fun you make the recipe.

Not all of these fun kids recipes have been tested, so try them out at your own risk.  As always, make sure children are fully supervised by an adult.

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